When it comes to getting into shape, we all have those stubborn fat pockets that even the most intensive diet and exercise regime can't seem to shift. While liposuction, tummy tucks and other invasive and dangerous procedures are not a good option, market-leading Vevazz weight loss technology with the Slim Line System delivers a totally new body contouring system and slimming results, in a non-invasive, pain-free and safe way.

Dr. Jamie Fettig DC is a Chiropractor, CEO and exclusive distributor of Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo in the US, Australia, South Africa, India and other places. He is the author of two books: The Creators Manual for Your Body and The Ultimate Non Diet.

He began his career right out of chiropractic college as a chiropractor in his own private practice. Shortly he began teaching seminars to other chiropractors and Natural Health Care Providers.

“I’m sure this product will be very successful, there is nothing like this at the moment” says Dr. Fettig. “This is the only treatment with permanent results that is completely safe and natural. For those who want to lose fat quickly and even those who have tried diet and exercise in the past and not seen the results, or those who just want to spot reduce, Vevazz is an excellent option, without any side effects”.

VEVAZZ - From Dr. Jamie Fettig, DC